QuickBooks B2B Mobile Sales App

You just found the perfect QuickBooks companion!

Sync product and customer information to our mobile solution in minutes.

Eliminate your paper needs and speed up your order-to-cash cycle.

From your sales team to the warehouse. We have you covered.

QuickBooks B2B Mobile Sales and Inventory Mobile Solution.

No matter which QuickBooks you use, we have you covered.

Everything QuickBooks has to offer and more in the palm of your hands.

Sales: Our advance mobile sales solution will integrate all your product information (units, price, cost, custom fields, inventory), customer information (price levels, custom fields, tax info, sales rep & open invoices) ready for your sales and warehouse teams from our mobile sales and inventory solutions.

Inventory: All your warehouse information (receive, move, pick, physical inventory, load truck) your inventory will be even more organized than before.

Your sales team will always have the upper hand with your customers and the competition.

-Compatible with QuickBooks 2005 or later.

Your QuickBooks online needs a mobile partner.

With our mobile sales and inventory solution your team will have the perfect complement. On and Offline functionality, Digital Catalog, Stock Information, GPS tracking for your sales reps and anything else you need. Your database information will be synced with your sales team and your sales team will send all the information back to QuickBooks.

Keep an eye on your sales and warehouse teams from anywhere at anytime.

Your store should not be the only point of sale you have.

With our mobile sales solutions, you can expand and send your sales team on the field where you’ll find more customers. Your sales team places orders remotely, and you get them directly on your QuickBooks POS. All your product and customer information from your POS to your sales team mobile device. All you need to get more sales and less paperwork.

Have your sales team always in the loop, without the need to visit the office often.

From QuickBooks, to our mobile solutions in minutes

Hassle free integration in minutes. Mobile Sales Order Certified by QuickBooks.


All your product database Pricing, custom fields, price levels, Inventory stock.


All your customer database including custom fields, tax information, open invoices, special pricing and assigned sales rep.


Sales orders, quotes, invoices, credit memos.


All your Inventory stock numbers updated from and to Quickbooks. Everything done from our Mobile Inventory Solution.

Even more features to go with QuickBooks.

All this and more is ready to be integrated with your business.

Digital Catalog

Enhance our sales team presentacion with our HD catalog. All your QB products directly to our app with HD pictures.

Estimates, Order, Invoice, Credit and Payments

Direct Sales, Pre Sales or any other type of sale you do, our mobile sales solutions will be able to handle it.

Mobile Scanners and Printers

Use bar code scanners and speed up your order taking process. Print directly to a mobile Bluetooth or a Wireless printer.

Online or Offline

No internet. No problem! Our mobile sales solution works with or without data. Everything is stored locally. Once you’re online, Sync, and you are ready to go.

GPS Tracking

Our mobile solutions takes GPS locations every time your sales team logs a visit, creates an order, invoice or credit our system will keep track of them.

Order and Product History

Check your customers order history from 1 to 12 months prior or see the last three purchases made directly from the catalog with date, quantity and price.