Total Bliss of a Mobile Warehouse

Control your warehouse, reduce errors and speed up your delivery time. Make your warehouse more efficient with better inventory control.
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Inventory Software Features

Solve your warehouse management problems with one system. Manage all warehouses and trucks in one place and control your inventory with UPC scanning.

Multi-Warehouse Inventory

Keep all your inventory under control at all times, control movement between warehouses and keep it synchronized at all times

UPC Scanning

Reduce errors in your warehouse with the use of UPC scanners, and accelerate your picking times and deliveries of products.
Compatible with any Bluetooth Scanner.

Inventory Management

Fulfill your orders and transfers, move between warehouses and receive from your vendors in seconds.

Why use Listaso Inventory?

Our Inventory Management App will eliminate picking mistakes from paper orders, paper tags when doing physical inventory and all paperwork related to your warehouse.

Reduces human mistakes by 95%

Every order and DSD Truck Replenishment can be ready for your warehouse to pick in seconds!

All the mistakes from paper pick sheets gone with our Inventory Management App, Bluetooth Scanners and even Product Pictures Directly from the picking Module!

Sell your new stock right away

Update your full warehouse or truck inventory in a fraction of the time! No paperwork needed and it keeps your DSD trucks and warehouse updated with the correct stock information!

No more guessing or incorrect information! 
Check on all your trucks and warehouse products from any iOS mobile device!

Move freely in your warehouse

Mobility in a warehouse is essential and moving from one place to another without a piece of paper will optimize your inventory. That's why Listaso Inventory works on Apple devices to give you freedom and peace of mind.

This allows you to have multiple users working at the same time without having to check back on orders or return or even push paperwork.


Learn how our Sales App can boost your business

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For your Sales Team
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For your Warehouse
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For Online Sales
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For your Delivery Trucks
For The Office

Solution For your Sales Team

Pre-Sales Order Control / DSD Truck Management / Complete ERP Integration
Our sales module was built with DSD sales and Pre-Sales in mind.

Listaso's Sales Module allows you to control and manage the activities of your sales reps such as orders, invoices, credits and customer visits.

Not only does it help you have more control, but it also makes it easier for your sales reps to do their job better with product catalog, purchase history, visit log, route assignment, sales GPS tracking all from a mobile application.
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Listaso services App for your retal sales reps

Solution For your Warehouse

Full Inventory Control / Picking / Receive from Vendors / Load & Unload Trucks
Our Inventory Module is built to adapt to each customer, always adjust to their needs.

With our mobile inventory app you will reduce errors in your processes with warehouse locations, Bluetooth Scanning + more.

We are aware of the headaches you probably have keeping track of each product in your warehouse, Listaso Inventory allows you to keep track of multiple warehouses and trucks at the same time so you know where your inventory is at all times.
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Solution For Online Sales

B2B Mobile & Web eCommerce / ERP Integration / Order History
Having an online store in these times has become essential. The B2B industry is becoming more digital.

Listaso's Mobile and Web eCommerce allows you to sell without the need to call or send a sales rep, streamline your process and have a store accessible from anywhere 24/7.

This online sales option not only displays your products but synchronizes them with your warehouse and ERP systems.
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b2b online sales Ecommerce
Solution For your Delivery Trucks

Route Planning / Load your Trucks / Modify & Print Invoices

Load each truck with their Invoices and start your deliveries!

Assign trucks to each invoice and make sure they are delivered on time with GPS  tracking. Avoid messy paperwork and have your drivers make any changes to the invoice directly on our Delivery App!

Delivering your invoices has never been easier!
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Listaso app for delivery trucks

Solution For The Office

Complete Sales Process / Inventory Control / Reports
With BackOffice you’ll be able to manage all your business needs from anywhere in the world. Manage your sales and warehouse teams 24/7.

No more headaches, hassles and most importantly, no more paper orders. Plus every report you will ever need to make the best decisions! 
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