Listaso’s History: 16 Years Developing Mobile Solutions for Distributors!

Listaso was born out of a customer's need to be able to process orders from a mobile device without using paper. Our founder Edgar Cañas and a small group of developers, and started working on everything this client needed.

This is how the history of Listaso began. We began as a small company with a basic system to process orders, but 16 years later,  we have grown from one client to a portfolio of more than 1,000 active users today.

How It All Started

Sixteen years ago, the thought of automation was a “dream” for Edgar Canas, founder and president of Listaso. He found an emerging problem in the distribution industry: sales representatives in the field did not have the necessary tools to perform their task. 

This same lack of communication caused distributors to have a lot of errors taking orders, which resulted in lost sales and customers. 

This is where Listaso began to formulate the idea and this “dream” became  more and more possible with the rise of technology and the introduction of smartphones to the market. This allowed the information to become mobile, making it possible to give sales reps in the field the information they needed and to send back the work they did in the field to the main office immediately. 

Already with the appropriate means, the first Listaso application, Listaso Sales, began to be developed, allowing sales representatives to remotely have information about their customers and see the products they had available in stock. This was a very simple version of what the application is today. 

With a product already on the market, two big challenges emerged, one of which led to the other:

  1. How to acquire more customers
  2. How to keep them

Listaso originated as a solution for one distributor, since acquiring customers was initially a challenge. Being a small company with a new and little-known product, many distributors were not open to working with us. 

Without waiting too long, this one customer started to show our mobile solution to other distributors, and we began acquiring new customers by word of mouth, which indicated that we were doing something right. We were offering something that distributors were starting to look for. 

With multiple customers, we began to see a much more important factor than just providing a solution to make sales more effective. We needed an excellent customer service team, so we could provide assistance to our customers. 

From the beginning, we understood the urgency of having quality customer service that could provide a solution efficiently, since we were working with essential information for the distributors' business. This started the evolution of our services.

The Evolution 

Listaso began to expand its client portfolio, and a much larger team was needed to meet its demand. 

Our customers began to create a community with us in which they detected problems that Listaso could solve. These problems were not only related to sales, but also to administration, inventory, and online sales. 

This expansion of solutions transformed Listaso into a user-centered company that puts the customer first, understanding the needs of each user and the actions they perform. 

At this point, it became essential to start segmenting the information according to the roles and responsibilities of each user to give them the necessary tools to perform their work. 

In the market, multiple companies began to emerge offering the same services, but we always sought to differentiate ourselves in one way or another. What has differentiated us over these 16 years? The customization of our services. 

We have taken the time to understand the business model of each of our clients to make our solutions adapt to the client, not the other way around. This allowed us to grow to where we are today. 

The Projections 

Currently, the focus of Listaso is to become an end-to-end solution that can meet all the needs of our customers, allowing them to have an automated system that can make the entire distribution process as efficient as possible. 

We are getting closer and closer to this with the new delivery modules, which allow us to automate the entire process of product entry for our customers, controlling the trucks in real-time.

We are proud that our customers constantly look to us when they have a problem or an idea about how to optimize their processes, so that we can support them with these solutions. That is our mission: to make the distribution process as efficient as possible for each and every customer.

In Summary

These 16 years have been full of challenges. We have seen constant changes in the industry and requirements that are becoming increasingly standard ways of working that, with the support of the Listaso family, we have adapted to. Many new projects are on the horizon, and the goal remains the same: to achieve greater efficiency and success for all of our customers. 

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