How can you create any kind of ticket?

What is the Pick Ticket Module?

The Pick Ticket module allows you to optimize your picking process by grouping orders or separating them based on product location. It also enables you to create pick and pack tickets. This module streamlines the picking operations and enhances efficiency in managing inventory.

Pick Ticket: This tool enables you to send your orders to the inventory app for picking by the assigned picker. It helps streamline the process by organizing and tracking the items to be picked.

Pick & Pack: A pick & pack ticket is useful when you need to pick products in small quantities that will be packed later. It ensures efficient handling by instructing pickers to place the products in designated boxes, allowing for better order management.

Pick – Group: The pick group tool allows you to consolidate multiple orders into a single pick ticket. This feature optimizes the picking process by reducing the number of individual tickets and assigning them to specific pickers, enabling efficient batch picking.

Split: The split tool is beneficial when dealing with orders that have products stored in different locations. By dividing a single order into multiple tickets based on location, the picking process is optimized. This is particularly useful for situations where products are stored in different zones, such as refrigerated areas separate from dry product zones. Assigning pickers to specific zones ensures efficient picking and minimizes unnecessary movement.

Overall, the Pick Ticket module provides powerful functionalities to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the picking process while streamlining inventory management operations.

How can you create a Pick Ticket?

1. Click on All Services.

2. Click “Pick Ticket” in the Warehouse Management Section.

3. Now you will be able to see all your orders that are ready to be picked. Select the orders that you will use to create the ticket.

Good to know: To see orders that are ready to be picked, ensure that their status is set to "Approve to Pick". Only orders with this status will be displayed for selection. If you need assistance with changing the status of an order, click here for guidance.

4. Select the kind of pick that you want for your ticket.

5. Choose your picker from the available options. (For adding pickers or warehouse users, please contact our Customer Service Team at

Good to know: With the storage option you can choose from which storage you want to pick your products for the ticket you are creating and if you are creating a Group ticket you can select different orders, select a storage and when you create your ticket it will pick all products from the orders that you chose and place them in one ticket.

7. Click on Create and now you have your new ticket.

8. You can go to the pick ticket tab and see your new ticket.