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Discover the pillars through which Listaso is seeking to make a positive impact:

Our values drive us to move forward and inspire us to do more, all thanks to the support of our team and partners who are the driving force behind #ListasoImpact

At Listaso Technology, we understand that every action, whether big or small, can change an entire society. That's why we cannot miss the opportunity to give back to our community.

Impact Areas
Education Support
Social Labor
Green Action
We are technology that changes lives
Explore all the actions we have taken at Listaso Technology to help our beloved community.
Bien es Dar Educacion Concert
200+ young individuals are attending university with a scholarship.
We had the privilege of sponsoring a charity concert with the mission of providing 200+ university scholarships.
Social Impact
Helping a community with no access to drinking water.
This Christmas, we visited a lakeside community with high pollution levels, on a mission to provide them with drinking water, food, and toys for the little ones.
Green Action
Creating Listaso’s Green Team.
With the mission of adopting trees and taking care of our environment, Listaso’s Green Team was born.
hospital Bloom navidad
Christmas at Bloom’s Children’s Hospital.
In 2022, we had the opportunity to visit Bloom Children's Hospital, where Santa joined us in giving gifts, balloons, and a moment of joy to the little ones.
Transforming an entire beach.
Listaso’s Green Team took on the mission of cleaning a beach where thousands of turtles landed to faced tons of plastic every year.
Helping a community in Apopa
We teamed up to provide 50 Food Baskets in Apopa.
The Listaso Technology team joined forces to deliver food baskets in a vulnerable community in Apopa, El Salvador.

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