How to create a new route?

1. Open the All Services Menu.

2. Click on the “Sales Route Manager” button located in the Warehouse Management section.

3. Click on the “+New Route” button.

4. Type the name of the new route.

5. Click “Create.”

6. Select your sales representative.

7. You can use the “City” dropdown menu to filter the companies by city or filter by companies by clicking the “Company” drop-down menu.

8. Click “Apply.”

9. Now you will be able to see the selected companies on the map.

10. Click on the companies and then the “+” button to add them to the route in the order that you want the rep to visit them.

11. Select your initial warehouse and your end warehouse.

12. Choose the starting time for your route.

13. Click on “Save Route.”

14. You will get a pop-up confirming that the route has been successfully created. Click Ok.

15. Now you will be able to see your new route.