Does Listaso's app work offline?
April 26, 2023

The Sync feature automatically synchronizes orders and invoices when your device is connected to the internet, except for new routes, payments, forms, and new customer added. For these four processes, you will need to use the Sync button.

If you work with devices that do not have constant internet access, you can still generate orders and invoices and then synchronize them at the beginning and at the end of the day to upload all the transactions. That's why we'll show you some best practices for the syncing process.

Best Practices:

Synchronizing data with the cloud is essential to avoid loss of payments, orders, credits, invoices, or any other relevant data that needs to go to BackOffice and your ERP. Here are some tips:

1. Sync with a good internet signal: remember that it is not necessary to have internet access to use the apps, but when syncing, you will need to have a stable internet source.

2. Pay attention to sync errors: on the sync screen, you can see all the data that is being synchronized. If any data displays a red icon, it means that particular data was not synced correctly, and you will need to perform a reload.

3. Use the Reload button: in case you have had a problem with your internet or any data has not been synced correctly, click on the reload button located in the upper left corner, and make sure there are no red icons left.

4. Review each section: The Sync screen is divided into sections for your convenience. It's important to check that the data in each section corresponds to the transactions you've made, such as creating more than one route or saving multiple payments.