How to create a route from your mobile device?
March 27, 2023

When you require to visit your clients, it's crucial to have a well-planned route to ensure that you can efficiently reach all of your appointments. To create a route, you need to:

1. Select the “New Customers” module.

2. Tap on the customer routes button. Then create a new route with the “+” button.

3. Add the name of the route.

4. Add the customers that you are going to visit.

5. Now you can rearrange the route in any way you prefer. Then, tap “Done” to add the route to the list.

Good to know: The numbers on the left are the stop numbers on the route, in case you want to add more customers to the list you can select the plus icon in the upper right corner again.

6. Your new route should appear on the Routes main screen, however, is not ready for you to start it, first your new route has to be synced with BackOffice, to do that you will need to tap on Back to go to the home screen.

7. Sync the new route by tapping the sync button in the upper right corner of the home main screen.

8. Once the sync process is done, go back into the “New Customers” module to select the new route you just created.

9. If you are ready to start the route, tap on Start Route.

10. Tap on “Start visit” to begin keeping track of the time spent on the customer’s location.

9. Tap on “End visit” when you have finished your visit with the customer. You will be shown the date and time when the visit started and ended.

10. Visit your customers and end your route.

11. If for some reason you could not visit a client, you must specify the reason and leave a note if necessary.