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Case Study: Listaso’s Inventory Management Solution ROI

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
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Optimize Your Inventory Management and Save Money


Inventory management is a critical function of any business, with drastic implications on profit margins. Stock the right products at the right levels and you can reduce carrying costs and mitigate the risk of stockouts. Get it wrong and those risks climb.


That is why when it comes to choosing the right solution to manage your inventory, you need to pay full attention to the features it has to offer and how it will work with your distribution business. A good inventory solution not only works seamlessly with you, but also allows you great savings in the long run.


You should expect to save more money than you spend on inventory management software. Some software providers offer a ROI tool to help you find your breakeven point when your savings start exceeding your investment in the inventory software. You might be surprised how quickly it can pay for itself.


If you purchase the right inventory solution, your investment will pay you back year after year in savings. This allows you to grow and prosper due to efficiencies that couldn’t exist previously. Having an advanced inventory solution like Listaso Inventory will increase productivity in many areas of your business, provide competitive advantages and open up new revenue opportunities.


Listaso Inventory Return on Investment


Here is a sample ROI for a 1-user installation of Listaso Inventory Management Solution over 5 years. The average comes from our top implementers’ experience working with customers, helping them automate their inventory processes. 

Inventory Management


For this analysis, the cost for a 1-user integration of our platform that includes full training, support and data synchronization is $2,100.00. Assuming no additional users are purchased, with the 3 Basis Inventory Modules installed, no additional personalized features and no custom developments included, the monthly cost for the user will be $49.99. The projected compounded savings are based on conservative data on what our experts have experienced working with Listaso customers. 


With just one user, you can see a significant impact on savings. Listaso Inventory not only automates your business, but also allows you to bring higher efficiency to key warehouse tasks, saving you around 208% per year.  


Every business will be unique, so these savings represent many different areas companies have saved in, such as eliminating double and triple data entry, human error, preventing stockouts, avoiding rush fees on new inventory, lost inventory and time spent re-counting inventory.


In Conclusion


In today’s business world, software is critical if you intend to remain competitive. When buying any software solution for your business, you should determine if the benefits are greater than the cost. 


Listaso Mobile Inventory is an ideal inventory solution for manufacturers, wholesale distributors and many other types of businesses and organizations. Its warehouse-management software is scalable, so you can keep using it for many years instead of having to learn a new system every few years when you outgrow an old one.


To understand your unique potential ROI, talk to one of our Inventory Specialists. Schedule a Free Demo now!

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