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The long-lasting effects of a bad delivery experience

Don’t let a bad delivery experience ruin your business image. Check out how to prevent it with this blog.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
Jairo Gonzalez
B2B Specialist

Have you ever wondered how much a bad delivery experience affects your business? How can a mere bad delivery experience have such a negative impact on your brand? According to the Consumer Research Report by Metapack, 38% of consumers would never shop with a merchant again, following a negative delivery experience and only 20% of all consumers were forgiving retailers for delivery delays and disruptions due to supply chain issues. This means that your clients don’t care about your reasons (sometimes excuses) for a bad delivery experience, they just want you to meet the expectations that YOU provided and if you are not able to do it, they will gladly move to your competition.

That seems bad, right? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because it can get worse, a lot worse. Some customers might just leave you and not say a thing about the bad experience they just had, but most of them are not going to remain silent. 13% of consumers will share the situation with at least 15 people through word-of-mouth while 43% will voice their displeasure on social media after a bad delivery experience. So now, you are not just losing customers, you are also losing potential customers thanks to all those bad reviews, people will start avoiding your brand and before you realize it, all your hard work to position your business in the market has gone to crumble thanks to a mere bad delivery experience.

As we said before, all that we mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg. That's why today we will be talking about The long-lasting effect of a bad delivery experience. In the end, we will give you some tips so that your clients can always be satisfied with the delivery experience of your products.

Delivery issues mean less money (Much less money)

Of course, most of you might be thinking that this is an obvious statement because it is, but you are most likely not realizing how much less money means due to delivery issues. According to a study by Chain Store age, delivery issues cost for retailers was around $333 million just for the Christmas season in 2017 and we need to add the potential $1.5 billion lost revenue from shoppers who won’t return after a poor experience. As we said before, the potential loss due to a bad delivery is huge because the clients that are leaving are going to do their best so that as many people as possible know about the bad time they had while being your customers.

Customer loyalty will decrease

Your main goal as a company is not to sell, your main goal is to create loyal customers that will be satisfied with your products or services and will tell everyone about how great you are, but if you provide a poor delivery experience, all your efforts are wasted. Even your most loyal customers are going to leave you when they see that their orders always arrive late, damaged, or sometimes both. And what’s worse is that you have to do your best to try to retain those customers, given that it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to generate new leads than to retain old customers. All this ends with more costs to you, lost customers, and even if you were able to retain them, you will be walking on thin ice for a long time until you can regain their trust.

Bad Press

We all have heard the phrase “All press is good press”, but there is nothing more harmful to a company than being known for its awful customer service (delivery experience included). According to Globe Newswire, 95% of consumers read online reviews before making a purchase decision, and 80% of them may change their mind based on negative reviews about the product or the company. What’s even more impressive is that 19% of consumers will not buy from a business at all after reading just 1 negative review, this means that for a mere bad delivery experience, you might lose almost 20% of your potential customers. In our opinion, all this data backs up that not all press is always good press.

How can you improve your delivery experience?

At this point we can all agree that a bad delivery experience can have some serious and profound consequences for your business, but how can you improve it? Here you have 5 tips to improve your delivery experience:

1. Manage the expectations:

Never oversell your delivery dates, the biggest mistake you can make is assuming nothing wrong is going to happen, and you set delivery dates according to that assumption.

2. Keep your customers informed:

Always inform your customers when something happens with their order. Either the delivery date was moved because of a mistake in the warehouse or an accident happened, and their order got damaged. Always inform and be transparent with them. Listaso’s Delivery App can help you when any of the products are damaged when you arrive, allowing you to make any necessary changes on the invoice right on the spot. 

3. Optimize your routes with dispatch software:

You can save time and money by optimizing your delivery routes with Listaso’s Delivery App. It will make the delivery process more efficient by reducing time and cost with optimized routes and even allows you to monitor when a driver starts a route when they arrive at a customer, and how long it takes per customer.

4. Monitor your driver’s route:

As we said in the previous tip, with Listaso’s Delivery App, you are able to track a driver’s route and see how long a visit takes per customer. You can use this information to let your customers know how long a visit may take.

5. Always have a Plan B:

You need to give your best to assure that on-time delivery service is happening, no matter what the situation is. Whether it means more drivers when necessary or more vehicles so that you can be prepared when an emergency occurs. Data-driven decisions can help you forecast what kind of issues you may have, and here is when you can take advantage of Listaso’s reports. There you have all the information related to customers, sales, sales reps, etc. which is organized by reports so that you only get the data you need when you need it.

In conclusion, a bad delivery experience may have a ripple effect on your business, but there are actions you can take in order to avoid it or at least minimize the impact that this has. Listaso’s Delivery App is one of the best ways to prevent a bad delivery experience by providing you with optimized routes, allowing you (or your sales reps) to make invoice changes on the spot, and more. Schedule a Free Demo now!

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