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Benefits Of An Online Sales Platform For B2B Business

In a time when information is easier to access than ever, and everyone is constantly connected via pocket-sized devices, people want more convenience.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
Carmen Canas
B2B Specialist

Keep Your Business Updated and Increase Sales With an Online Sales Platform


In a time when information is easier to access than ever, and everyone is constantly connected via pocket-sized devices, people want more convenience. They want to feel free to order what they want when they need it without having to wait. 


But what happens when you have customers who are far away or don’t work during regular business hours? It’s not always possible for your sales reps to visit them every week to place reorders. Your buyers need a way to place quick and easy reorders at any time, without the help of your sales rep or having to call your back office to place an order during business hours. A B2B Online Sales platform will allow them to place orders at their convenience.


Having an eCommerce platform for your distribution business will allow you to stay available for your client 24/7 and for them to contact you anytime, anywhere. Having an online presence will guarantee that your customers know where and how to reach you. You will also find multiple other benefits that will help you grow your business and increase sales. Here are three of the biggest benefits.


Reach New Clients


When you operate in a limited area, it becomes harder for you and your sales reps to find new clients who are willing to acquire your products, limiting your company's growth and stalling sales. 


How can you expand your business territory without dramatically increasing costs and manpower? With the help of an online sales platform. An online sales platform will give you the opportunity to increase your business reach to any person in the world with an internet connection, and to find new clients for your business and products. 


Your eCommerce site will also help your customers get to know your business better by browsing your products, finding specials, and contacting you by email or phone.


The Listaso B2B Mobile Online Sales App is the best way to help your customers have a hassle-free, no-delays ordering experience. Our app can be easily downloaded to your client's mobile device (Android and iOS), and, once they log in, they will be able to browse your product catalog and place orders at any time. 


Fully Synced Inventory


One of the biggest challenges of having an eCommerce platform is making sure that your inventory is always up-to-date and in sync with your physical stock. If you are still using paper to track every single inventory movement, this task becomes even more complex and less reliable.


A B2B platform makes sure everything is synchronized with the correct inventory information, making this process easier and reducing mistakes. That’s why, in terms of reliability, having a complete online sales app is the best tool to keep your inventory updated. No need to wander or check multiple places. All of your stock information is safely secured in the system, ready for you to check on it whenever you need it.


Lower Costs


If your sales reps are traveling long distances to visit one or two clients each week or month, you are losing money. It not only takes a lot of work and time for your reps to visit those far-away clients who may not buy anything, but it also raises costs and lowers profits.


Listaso B2B Online Sales allows you to take orders from those clients without your sales reps visiting them. The clients will have access to your business platform 24/7 and be able to order at their convenience, saving you money and time and improving customer satisfaction.


In Conclusion 


An Online Sales platform works by communicating with your back-office systems to visually display the correct inventory and pricing—in the most ideal format—so your B2B customers can place orders with ease on the device of their choice. 


If you are thinking about implementing an Online Sales platform for your business, request a free demo with a Listaso specialist today to learn more about how our B2B Online Sales solution could work for your business.

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