How to apply credit to a Payment?

1. Click on “All Services” from the main menu.

2. Select “Payment” from the customer section within the All Services menu.

3. Click the “Open Credits” tab.

3. Click “New Open Credit.”

4. Choose the customer from the “Customer” dropdown menu, for whom you are making the payment.

5. Click “Get Open Credits.”

6. A list with the available Open Credits for the customer will be displayed.

7. Click the blue icon at the beginning of the row of the credit you wish to apply.

8. The list of open invoices will be displayed, and the credit amount will be shown in the “Amount Received” field at the top.

9. Select the checkbox of the invoice(s) you want to pay with the credit amount.

10. The total balance will be shown in the “Amount Received” column for the selected invoice(s).

9. Make sure the “Applied” field displays the total of the selected invoices, and the “Remaining” field shows $0.00.

10. Click “Save.”

By following these steps, you can easily apply credit to a payment and manage your customer's credits and invoices efficiently.