How to create a new payment on BackOffice?

1. Click “All Services.”

1. Click on the “Payments” button located on the left-hand menu on BackOffice.

2. Click on the “New Payment” button.

3. Open the “Customer” dropdown menu.

4. Choose the customer for whom you are receiving the payment.

5. Click on “Open Invoices” to display the customer's open invoices.

6. Apply the amount received to specific invoices, check the corresponding invoice(s) checkbox to automatically select their total balances.

7. Add a reference #.

8. Enter the total amount received in the “Amount Received” field and make sure this match the Amount Applied.

9. Verify that the “Remaining” field now shows 0, indicating that the payment has been fully allocated to the selected invoice(s).

10. Finally, click “Save” to complete the process and record the new payment.