How to create purchase orders on BackOffice?

We are going to learn how to create a new PO Using BackOffice. 

1. Open the All Services Menu. 

2. Click on the “Purchase Orders” button located in the Vendors section.

3. Click on +PO. 

4. Select a vendor by clicking on the “Vendor” dropdown menu.

5. Fill in the required fields such as Employee assigned to the PO, Warehouse, Ship Date, and some terms about the payments.

6. Click on the “Products Detail” tab.

7. Click on “+Add.”

8. To add the products to your PO, click on the Qty box located on the product line you want to add and tap on the Enter button on your keyword to record the quantity you just fill in.

9. Once you have done adding all the desired products, click on “Save.”

10. The product should now appear on your Product Detail tab.