How can you start a delivery route?
March 31, 2023

1. Select the truck that has the route you want to start assigned.

2. Tap on “Deliver

3. On this screen, you can see the number of stops for your route. You also have the option to see your next stop location, more information about the route and its history.

4. You can also see your stops' relevant information (Address, customer and distance from your location). Tap on “Start Route.”

5. You will be shown the date and time when you started your route. When you are ready to leave just tap on “Start Driving” to go to your first stop.

6. When you start driving, you will have all your customer’s relevant information at hand in case you need it. Tap on “Arrived” when you get to your destination.

7. On the screen you will have the date and time for when you started and you arrived at your stop. Tap on “Next.”

8. On the customer’s invoice screen, you have the option to email or print it. Tap on the invoice to see the details of it.

9. On the customer’s invoice details, you can see all the products that you are delivering and after you have confirmed that everything is fine with a product, mark the checkbox for that item. You can also modify the invoice if necessary. Tap on “Next.

10. After checking that everything is okay with the invoice (including the amount to pay), sign it. Finally, tap on “Approve”.