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4 Little Known Tips To Improve The Performance Of Your Sales Rep

Field sales are challenging. Sales reps constantly visit customers, merchandise products, and work from their cars. They must stay productive and on schedule. It's hard to stay focused in meetings when dealing with bulky equipment and complicated paper orders.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

Your sales rep working hard but not efficiently 


Field sales have always been challenging. Sales reps are constantly on the road, visiting customers, merchandising products, and managing their work from their cars. They need to find a way to stay productive throughout the day while sticking to their schedules. It is a fight to stay focused in every meeting to reach their sales goals while dealing with bulky equipment and complicated paper orders.


And if all that wasn’t enough, they often need to return from a long day on the road to re-enter orders from paper forms into their computers.  Besides, nowadays, earning the customer’s trust is more complicated than it has ever been. As technology advances, outside sales professionals face escalating business needs and aggressive procurement practices.


Your sales representatives might be working as hard as they can to cover all their client’s expectations with the tools they have. The problem is that much of this equipment is too old fashioned to successfully capture their clients and fulfill their expectations to close the sale. 


So, to allow your sales representative to work hard but more importantly efficiently, we leave you with four tips to enhance their performance:

Engage Your Clients With A Digital Catalog


Having your sales rep carry an excellent product catalog to attract your clients may sound like it is the least important thing to worry about.  But, by nature, when it comes to buying something, most of the time, we all move by sight and touch.


So, what happens when your sales team goes out to visit a client? If your sales rep doesn't have something to show the customers, it is a lot harder to close the sale. Every sales rep needs visual aid to attract new clients, a client who does not know anything about the products and therefore needs something that guides him through the sale.


The best way to do this is with an HD digital catalog. Your sales rep will no longer have to transport cumbersome product samples, fabric swatches, and bulky paper catalogs to every visit. 


Instead, they will have high-resolution product images organized into an easily navigable digital catalog. They open every product for details, and retailers can get a broad sense of your entire product line. 


A sales mobile app like Listaso can quickly help you with this by providing you with an HD digital catalog that your sales reps will love.  It will help them to improve their job and will make the client’s decision-making process easier.


Speed Up The Process By Improving The Creation Of Orders


Too many mobile sales reps still use old-fashioned paper order forms or other manual writing methods (like fillable PDFs and Excel spreadsheets).  The main issue with this is that it slows your sales rep down, making the sale process way too slow.  A slower process means fewer visits per day, limiting your sales rep potential and bringing down the numbers of new clients you can get.


These old-fashioned methods also increase the chances of making a mistake while creating an order. There are so many variables that can cause something to go wrong, like writing styles, using any paper, the weather, etc. All of these things influence delays and delivery problems that could end up costing you millions of dollars.


Listaso's Mobile Sales App provides your sales team with order creation with a digital catalog. They will also have instant access to customer pricing information stored in our sales rep app so they can build orders in just a few taps, getting more accurate orders and eliminating errors.


Save Valuable Time With Integrated Systems


One of the most effective ways to make sure that your sales representatives work efficiently is to avoid unnecessary steps. When they create orders on paper or any other manual method, they are forced to re-enter every order they'd written into an ERP or accounting system. 


This double work takes away valuable time from your sales reps and consequently makes them work harder without getting anything out of it.  


Listaso’s mobile sales rep app can be integrated with any ERP, saving reps an enormous amount of time. Orders placed on the app are easily synced with our Web Admin BackOffice and any ERP system like QuickBooks. Your management team can then receive all the orders immediately and begin the fulfillment process.


Personalize Your Client’s Experience


One of the biggest challenges to working on the go is information access—getting access to information like pricing and customer order history while on the road. The problem is that all this information helps your sales reps provide a unique experience in every client visit.


A good customer experience helps your sales reps close a sale way faster and makes your clients more likely to buy from you the next time you visit them. A sales representative with access to information like product history can make it easier for their clients to buy. If it's easier, they'll buy more.   


Our mobile sales app puts that information directly in the hands of your reps. Instead of having to call your management team to check or confirm numbers, things like customer-specific pricing and inventory levels for each item are stored in the sales app and available even when offline.


In Conclusion


In today's world, sales reps need technology that enables them and other mobile workforce members to be productive on the go. Employees are no longer tethered to a desk or confined to their offices. A mobile sales software like Listaso helps field reps sell products easier to retailers and more effectively.

Our sales rep app enables them to work faster and more strategically, replacing the tedium of order taking with more strategic value.

If you are looking for the best sales rep app that helps your team sell more effectively, reach out to us today and schedule a free product tour of our software to learn more. 

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