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5 Opportunities To Increase Your Productivity Through Mobile Sales Orders For Sage 100

6 millions industries utilize is the third-largest accounting software, Sage 100. It administers our partners' finances, accounting, and warehousing. Learn how we can integrate with Listaso.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 8, 2022
B2B Specialist

Listaso is a cutting-edge Sage 100 mobile sales app that dramatically decreases the time your sales reps spend with each customer. With Listaso, your sales team will have all the Sage 100 information they need on any Android or iOS device.

Our Sage 100 implementation synchronizes all your Customers, Products, Inventory, Open Invoices, Price Levels, and any other information you need.  We make sure your sales team on the road has the most up-to-date and reliable information to give your customers the best and fastest buying experience.

Directly from any Computer with Sage 100 installed or even on your server, our sync program automatically updates your sales team’s mobile devices. Best of all, Listaso's Sage 100 integration process takes less than an hour to complete, with no special configurations, complicated steps, or intrusive behaviors. Everything is done remotely, and in just a few minutes, all your information will be synced and ready.

All You Need From Our Sage 100 Mobile Sales App

Step up your team productivity 

Integrating Sage 100 with Listaso, you’ll optimize procedures that will allow your team to spend less time worrying about product and customer information and more time focusing on placing more orders. With Listaso’s Sage 100 Mobile Sales App, your sales reps will be able to create & print orders, capture signatures, and transmit invoice data directly to your Sage 100.

Automate key processes and save time

Thanks to our Sage 100 integration, your sales team will be able to places orders remotely, and you will get them directly on Sage 100. All your product and customer information from Sage 100 to your sales team mobile device. 

Have a single source for all your relevant data

Spend less time copying from one system to another and focus on things that matter. Your brand, your products, and your customers. Your team will not only have quick access to a variety of customs reports, up-to-date inventory, price levels, clients’ history, and product information but will be able to sync all this directly to Sage 100. Centralization is easy when you use Listaso as a complementary app for Sage 100.

Features for sales

Improve sales rep work

Make it easy for your sales team to provide a better customer experience, create credit memos, manage digital product catalogs, and create and print orders and invoices, all with our mobile sales app. Having all the information they need right on hand will help your sales rep to make the most out of each client visit in less time.  

Stop wondering and start managing 

With our integration, you will easily know what your team is doing and how they are doing it.  You can check customer log visits, notes, and pictures from your sales rep on the road and keep track of them with our GPS tracking.  These insights will help you act quickly and make the smartest decision to manage your team and increase earnings. 

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