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6 Must-Have Features For Any Mobile Sales Solution

With the growing need for mobile solutions in the distribution industry, new technologies in this area have focused on improving flexibility, organization, and connectivity for B2B sales reps. 

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

Get the Best Mobile Sales Solution to Optimize and Increase Sales


With the growing need for mobile solutions in the distribution industry, new technologies in this area have focused on improving flexibility, organization, and connectivity for B2B sales reps. 


Mobile sales apps, which enable reps to carry out their job without hassle from pretty much anywhere, and at any time, are widely available. But how do you know which mobile solution is right for you, your products, your type of distribution, or wholesale business and your sales reps?


Most people only take into account two things: the provider and price. 


Is the provider an important consideration? Of course. You should partner with a trustworthy provider who has a good track record of delivering high-quality software and service. Is price important? Absolutely. It’s crucial to have a sales solution that fits your budget. 


However, while it’s necessary to think about these factors, there’s something else that you can’t afford to overlook: sales solutions features.


Features of an Exceptional App for B2B Sales Reps


As you can expect, each and every B2B sales solution will be different, with a different user interface, different user experience, and a wide selection of functions and services. But there are certain features that cannot be missed if you are looking for the best solution for your distribution business and sales reps. These are considered to be base features that facilitate the sales process and ensure sales reps spend their time in the field, rather than in the office doing paperwork.


Here are the features to look for when considering mobile sales software:


Mobile Product Catalog


One of the most important features is a mobile product catalog, which allows you to offer clients in-depth insight into the product without having to carry around cumbersome paper catalogs. 


You’ll want to ensure that the mobile catalog has the capacity to hold your entire product range, that it has its descriptions and stock levels up-to-date and synced instantly, and that you can show images to clients on the spot. 


Quote, Order & Invoice Generation


The best way to facilitate sales reps’ jobs while in the field is if they have a solution that enables them to create an instant quote for their customer and send orders or invoices back to the office immediately.


A good sales rep app will continue to function even when offline. You should be able to create quotes and orders whenever and wherever. 


Customer History


One of the biggest challenges of working on the go is information access—getting access to information like pricing and customer order history while on the road. All of this information helps your sales reps provide a unique experience to every client.


A quality Mobile Sales Solution will boast good storage capacity, holding vital data of all of your past orders and customer history. This will make re-ordering a quick and simple process and ensure a streamlined client experience.


Accounts & Contacts Lists


The ultimate aim of a mobile sales solution is to provide a complete and comprehensive platform. Therefore, if an app fails to include accounts and contacts lists, forcing you to switch between two separate systems, it’s not fully doing what it’s intended to do. 


You should look for a sales solution that provides an all-in-one solution, allowing you to manage your account information through a shared database, update and edit contacts as necessary, and sync data easily across all of your devices.


Easy ERP Integration


If you want to make your sales reps’ jobs easier, you need to look for a solution that can be easily integrated into any ERP you are already using.


One of the most effective ways to make sure that your sales representatives work efficiently is to avoid unnecessary steps. When using a mobile solution that can be integrated into your accounting system, every order placed on the app will be synced with your back office and ERP system.


Custom Development


The business environment is constantly changing, and companies have to adjust to new circumstances in order to stay competitive.


Scalability is easy to achieve when you acquire a Mobile Solution that can be customized to fit your business operations and increasing needs. 


You won’t find yourself limited by a rigid sales solution; instead, you will have the opportunity to add new features or system updates that will fully accommodate your business and allow you to keep growing without the need for any other system or application. 


In Conclusion 


When considering a mobile sales app, it’s important to take a little time to check out the options. Identify the applications that will really help transform your approach to sales and propel your business to the next level. A simple-to-use, feature-rich custom mobile solution for B2B sales reps can have a huge, positive impact on your sales processes, customer experience, and profits.


Our Custom Mobile Sales Solution puts that information directly in the hands of your sales reps. Reps will be able to display products in a digital catalog, create quotes and orders, and have the customer database available even when offline.

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