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From Retail To Big Distribution: 3 Key Elements That Help Boost Sales

Retail, by definition, is the sale of goods from a business to a consumer for their use, and each transaction handles small quantities of products. Retail is a vast sector, ranging from department stores, coffee shops, and even small local businesses.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

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Retail, by definition, is the sale of goods from a business to a consumer for their use, and each transaction handles small quantities of products. Retail is a vast sector, ranging from department stores, coffee shops, and even small local businesses.


A distribution company buys products from manufacturers or suppliers in large quantities and sells them at wholesale prices to customers, which are often commercial establishments, business professionals, or retail stores.


In other words, distributors represent the link between manufacturers and retailers. Wholesale distributors manage wholesale purchases of a product, and usually do not sell directly to the consumer. The wholesale distribution industry helps facilitate B2B transactions across the supply chain.  


But retailers and distributors share more than just a link in the supply chain, as we got the chance to confirm during our trip to beautiful Guatemala. In one of our stops in a local chocolate store called La Casa del Chocolate, we noticed and experienced three key elements that help retailers and distributors boost sales.


Product Visibility


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Business 2 Consumers (B2C), such as retailers, rely heavily on visual aids to attract customers’ attention. According to HubSpot, technology and visual aids are becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. 


This aspect was well handled by the local chocolate store, since you could appreciate the variety of products they had to offer. They were carefully displayed around the store to catch the clients’ eyes and encourage the purchase. 


As a distributor, what would be the best way to catch customers’ eyes when you don’t have a physical store to display your products? The answer is easy: digital catalogs. 


Customers want to see what they are buying. This may be a little hard for sales reps in the field, since they usually can’t carry every single product to show the customers. But this task can be easily completed with a Mobile Digital Catalog, allowing them to display all of their products from any mobile device. 


Personalized Experience




No matter what sector a consumer is in, they want to feel valued as a customer. They want the services to be customized to their specific needs. 


The sales rep at La Casa del Chocolate did just that. He took his time to explain every detail of their products and to know each of our needs. Once he knew our preferences, he recommended products and offered promotions that were a great fit for us. His recommendations were spot on and made the experience unforgettable. 


On a larger scale, this task can be difficult. Sales reps need to visit each of their customers in a short period, and at the same time manage specific customer data to provide a quality experience and be effective with their sales. Thankfully, nowadays, there is a lot of new technology that allows sales representatives to have all the information they need. With a B2B mobile sales app, they can access from any device the clients’ purchase history, price levels, and special offers, helping them complete sales while providing personalized experiences. 


Product’s Stock Information




Many might believe that inventory has nothing to do with sales. But in fact, strong inventory management often streamlines the order process, making it easier for customers to complete purchases. 


In a small store like the one we visited, it is a bit easier to keep track of the stock of each product and quickly provide the clients with any inventory information they require, making the sales process quick and pleasant for the customer.


For a distributor which products might be in storage in many warehouses or trucks and in a larger amount, providing a smooth customer experience becomes a harder task. A sales rep can’t memorize the exact quantities they have in stock for each product and having to call back to the office to get the information not only slows them down but also makes the customer experience way less pleasant. 


Listaso’s Mobile Sales Solutions allows sales reps to access up-to-date product information from anywhere they are and from any mobile device. They will complete sales in a faster and accurate way while making the ordering process way easier for their customers. 


In Conclusion


Small local businesses and distributors might work with different types of clients, but they share some necessities that, as the business grows, require the help of advanced technology like Mobiles Sales Solutions to keep the business running in the most efficient way.


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