June 22, 2022

How A Mobile App Can Help Your Reps Improve The Sales Process From Beginning To End

Automate Your Sales Process and Optimize Your Business


The most common way of making sales is the pre-sale method. This consists of selling a product or service in advance. The sales rep visits the customer and creates a product order, but does not deliver it right away. 


You can also sell your products with help of van sellers, who sell directly from their trucks to the clients they visit. If you want to know how a mobile app can improve this process, check out our blog How a Mobile App Can Improve Your Van Sales Process and Increase Overall Sales.


Sales reps are constantly on the road, visiting customers, merchandising products and managing their work from their vehicles. They need to stay productive throughout the day, while dealing with bulky equipment and complicated paper orders, to reach their sales goals.  


In most cases, they need to return from a long day on the road to re-enter orders from paper forms into their computers. As technology advances, outside sales professionals face escalating business demands and aggressive procurement practices.


Let’s see how a mobile app helps sales reps improve all of the steps of the sales process:


Route Planning


It is important that you tailor sales routes for each of your sales reps, so they can take advantage of the day and reach their sales goals.


A mobile app helps you organize your sales reps’ routes, so they can view the list of trips for the day and update the status, rearrange the order of visits and create an unplanned visit, if necessary. 


Client Visits


We all know that, when it comes to visiting a client, it is not as simple as getting in the store, creating the order and leaving. Sales reps need to have all relevant client and product information on hand to make a sale and provide an excellent client experience.


Listaso’s B2B Sales Mobile App provides your sales team with helpful information to learn the customer’s purchasing habits, in-store schedule, product placements and more.


Your sales reps will be able to keep track of your customers’ most purchased items, frequency of purchase and quantities. In seconds, they will know what the customer typically purchases, allowing them to analyze what products they can upsell and even see the products they have stopped buying and ask why.


Order Creation


Taking the orders manually and on paper slows down the sale process and creates the opportunity for transcription mistakes while registering the client's products.


Having a Mobile Sales Catalog App will allow your sales team to create orders faster and precisely without paperwork or mistakes. This will allow your sales reps to visit more customers per day and generate more sales for your business.


Order Registration


Once the order is taken, it needs to be registered into the accounting system and sent to the warehouse to prepare and deliver the products. This is a long, exhausting task when done manually, since sales reps are returning from a long day on the road to re-enter orders from paper forms into their computers.  


Listaso’s Sale App simplifies this process by automatically syncing the order to your ERP system and sending it directly to your warehouse. Your sales reps generate an order and it’s sent to the office in seconds! 


Performance Evaluation


By the end of the day, your sales reps can evaluate his or her performance more accurately with a sales mobile app. He or she will see all of the sales made that day and compare them to the weekly and monthly sales, the commissions earned and other measurements.


In Conclusion


The automatization of your sales process with mobile software can optimize your business and help you and your sales reps sell more effectively and efficiently.


Having Listaso’s Mobile Sales App on the road will allow your reps to have updated information in the palm of their hand, along with a full product catalog, customer logs, product and order history, printing and Bluetooth scanning capabilities and more.


See how all of this works! Schedule a free demo, and one of our expert consultants will walk you through all of the app’s features and benefits.

A complete solution for your Sales Reps!
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