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How can a mobile sales solution optimize your distribution process?

Currently, mobile solutions are necessary to make the distribution process easier. Therefore, we will answer three main questions to leave you doubtless and start using mobile solutions to optimize all your processes. 

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

Everything going digital has not only changed our daily lives, but the way that we work and do business. 

Currently, mobile solutions are necessary to make the distribution process easier. Therefore, we will answer three main questions to leave you doubtless and start using mobile solutions to optimize all your processes. 

Why is it necessary to have mobile solutions for the distribution process?

Nowadays, what we are trying to do in the midst of such a time- and administration-demanding industry is to make the processes shorter and faster. That means, the customer receives their order in the shortest amount of time possible; this is the current challenge for any business distribution. Mobile solutions simplify the ordering and payment processes, giving distributors more time to focus on other aspects of the company.

In this time, companies bring almost everything to the digital world in order to safeguard essential information and not lose it. The distribution of any sort of product consumes a lot of information, making paper-based searches more expensive and time-consuming. Mobile solutions store information in a more efficient manner and do not take up unneeded space.

Mobile solutions are the way to go; don't allow the outdated distribution methods to keep you from becoming better. 

How do mobile solutions optimize your distribution processes?

Warehouse information updated in real-time.

If there isn't an appropriate control, it's difficult to preserve the essential information on what's stored in the warehouse. Sometimes distributors have to wait till the end of the day to update the information of the products that were sold and the ones that are still in stock. There’s the possibility that when the information is modified, the person in charge commits a (non-intentional) mistake that will bring future problems with the customer. 

With Listaso’s mobile solutions it is easier to have the information updated, from the moment the product has been sold to the customer the system updates the warehouse to know what is left in stock. 

Order’s Placement 

Customers usually need changes in their order, it can be that they need more units of a specific product or to add other products that they might be selling in the future. Without a fast and easy-to-use solution, the changes that were requested might never happen.

With Listaso’s mobile solutions, this difficulty can be solved. The customers can order new products or change it everywhere and every time he needs to from Listaso’s Sales app.

Showing your product catalog

What if one day you want to show your client new products, but you don’t have an image or information from it? Obviously, you will lose the opportunity to generate more sales and will have to update your information for your new products for each client you want to offer. 

Showing a catalog of your new products will not be an issue with Listaso’s mobile solution. You can add new products to your mobile catalog and make the sales reps do a 60% faster sale than usual, everything from their smartphone.

Why mobile solutions will be very important for distribution business in 2022?

Mobile solutions are necessary because everyone is using a smartphone for their business. According to DOMO, in 1 minute, more than 6 million people on the internet are using smartphones to buy online. Only in January 2021 wholesalers in the United States sold more than $500 billion and has been growing every month since, according to Statista. We can give you more statistics of why it is too critical to optimize your distribution process, but there’s nothing more to say, mobile solutions are essential in your business.

To have greater control over what has been done in your sales, as well as to build your distribution business, you need a mobile solution that can make you more competitive. They should not be difficult to get or utilize; they should be straightforward to administer and train your staff.

In Conclusion

If you're trying to pick which mobile solution to use to help you with your sales process and expand your business, Listaso should be a top priority. Listaso will adapt to your demands and your unique approach to sales management. Request a DEMO right now!

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