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How Listaso Makes QuickBooks Mobile

Listaso’s mobile solutions integrate to any ERP system, including QuickBooks, and make it mobile by enhancing the use of QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop for distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

The Best QuickBooks Integrated B2B App 


If you’re like most manufacturing and distribution businesses, your ERP is at the heart of your operations, as it manages the critical financial and inventory data for your business. QuickBooks is an excellent example of an ERP that can monitor your finances, create invoices for clients and pay bills or taxes. 


An ERP—Enterprise Resource Planning—is basically a huge collection of hard facts about financial or inventory events. But unfortunately, a large portion of a business is not set in stone, since there are tasks that are not easy to keep track of and that can change in a short period of time.


That's why it is crucial to count on the right systems to help you have better sales and inventory management and to make your process more efficient and to serve clients better. 


Listaso’s mobile solutions integrate to any ERP system, including QuickBooks, and make it mobile by enhancing the use of QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop for distributors, wholesalers or manufacturers. We explain how to:


Sync Orders into QuickBooks’ System


As we mentioned before, there are tasks in the distribution process that an ERP system like QuickBooks cannot fully cover, and the creation of orders is one of them. 


Unlike an invoice, which is the core document of an ERP, a sales order is not a hard fact. It hasn’t happened yet. It’s a conversation about a transaction between your sales reps and a customer that will, most likely, occur. Still, it could change in quantities or products before it happens and becomes an invoice. Here’s the problem: ERPs see sales orders as invoices.


Listaso takes the QuickBooks system and enhances it by providing a user-friendly platform where your sales rep can create orders and sync them in real time with your ERP. This not only improves your control over the orders, but makes your ERP mobile by letting your sales reps create those orders from any device from wherever they are.


Provide Sales Reps With Up-to-date Information


Imagine all of your information from QuickBooks or another ERP system available for all of your sales reps while they are on the road. That is precisely what Listaso does. It takes all of the essential information, including price levels, and makes it available for your sales team.


Your sales reps will be able to carry on the road all of the information they need from QuickBooks and even create orders and invoices that our app will sync to that system. That way, they will always have up-to-date info, which they can check in both systems—QuickBooks (or other ERP) and the Listaso app—at any time. All of your customer information, products, inventory, price levels, unit of measure, advance inventory site and much more are ready to be synced by your sales team on the road. With any Android or iOS device, your sales team will be able to sell faster and more efficiently.


Manage Truck Inventory


Keeping track of inventory in multiple warehouses can be challenging, especially if you do van sales. Having a system like QuickBooks can help, but it might fall short in some respects. 


The best way to ensure that all of your inventory information is up-to-date is to complement QuickBooks (or any other ERP) with Listaso’s mobile app. Your van sellers will have full control over the inventory on their trucks, and any movement of the products will automatically be synced to QuickBooks.


In Conclusion


ERP systems like QuickBooks are needed to properly manage the financial data of your business, but unless you enhance the system with technology that powers your most important distribution process, you will miss the opportunity to reach higher sales. 


Listaso has more than 15 years of B2B experience to help you get control of your sales and inventory management. Using a software solution such as Listaso reduces your sales and inventory-management errors, which makes your business more efficient, more profitable and better equipped to serve your customers.


A few minutes of your time can create a lot of benefits for your business. Schedule a demo and learn about the possibilities. 

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