June 22, 2022

How To Cross-Sell More Effectively As A Distributor Or Wholesaler In 2021

The Best Cross-selling Tips for Your Sales Team


As a wholesaler or distributor, increasing your revenue streams through new clients can be kind of a handful. The distribution business is a highly competitive one; there are many ways to fall behind! If you don’t take good care of your clients and distribution processes, there's a very high chance that you might be giving your fellow competitors a higher edge on your potential clients.


Through a cutting-edge B2B platform that will streamline and automate all of your essential distribution processes, you can turn the competition around by becoming a leader in unique and personalized customer experiences. 


Distributors and wholesalers should also take advantage of different selling techniques, like cross-selling. Cross-selling helps your sales reps give your company a boost in revenue through re-visiting their already existing clients and leads. Strategically, it is easier to re-sell to a customer base - that already trusts your company - than to convince an entirely new crowd that your business is worth trusting. Relationships take time and effort; you should capitalize on the leads that you already fought for.


The distribution process can be difficult - previous connections with clients can be easily forgotten when you're too busy finding new ones. Sometimes the biggest opportunities are the ones that you're comfortable keeping at bay.


When done right, cross-selling can add value to your existing relationships, establish credibility and increase revenue.


What Is Cross-Selling?


Cross-selling is the process of selling related or complementary products to an existing client to increase the value of the sale. For example, when you encourage a client who just purchased a phone to also get a screen protector, that is a cross-selling win.


5 Tips to Cross-sell Effectively as a Wholesaler or Distributor


Know the Clients You Are Distributing To


When your sales reps cross-sell, make sure they align the products offered to their client’s goal. Offering products just because you have them in stock will make your clients feel overwhelmed and annoyed.


Effective cross-selling starts with truly understanding the customer’s needs. This way, as a distributor or wholesaler, you’re providing value and not trying to sell the client on something he or she doesn’t need.


Keep It Simple


Offering too many products or services at once can backfire by creating confusion and diluting the customer’s attention. The sales rep should offer only a few products that provide a clear benefit to their clients. 


As they continue working with their clients and establish a long-term relationship with them, other opportunities to sell additional products will come naturally. 


Analyze Your Client Purchase Orders


An easy way to understand and know your clients better is to analyze their previous purchases. Learning what products your client usually purchases or which client has stopped purchasing can help your team choose what products to offer to which customers and identify new opportunities.


Follow Up


Often, the best cross-selling opportunities arise after the customer has already made and enjoyed a purchase. Train your reps to make it part of their routine to follow up with existing customers to ensure they’re happy and to suggest appropriate cross-sells.


Provide Your Sales Reps with a QuickBooks-Integrated Mobile Sales Platform


Having a QuickBooks Mobile Sales App will enhance all your sales reps’ efforts by providing real-time data from QuickB`ooks. A B2B sales platform lets your sales team create an order in a matter of seconds, saving time to focus on truly understanding the customer’s needs and making it easier to identify cross-sell opportunities.


Also, with a QuickBooks Mobile Sales App, the client will have up-to-date information on the product’s price, specials, and stock, visually offering products that meet the client’s needs while cross-selling.


In Conclusion


As a distributor or wholesaler, cross-selling is important for your sales team, because it can increase revenue in the most efficient way possible. This technique, along with other account-management strategies, helps strengthen client relationships, uncover revenue opportunities, shorten sales cycles and drive sales for your distribution business.


By taking a subtle approach, creating a positive experience, and timing the sale, you can squeeze the most out of your cross-selling strategy and increase earnings.


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