June 22, 2022

The Benefits Of Having A QuickBooks Mobile Sales App In 2021

Centralize Your Data with the Best QuickBooks Mobile Sales App


QuickBooks has been in business for a long time and is one of the most recognized and popular ERP Systems on the market. QuickBooks software has several functions that are great for accounting and management; however, QuickBooks is not enough to meet all of your distribution business's logistical needs.


If you are running a distribution business, what should you do when you want to exponentially increase sales and profits and find yourself in need of some extra tools? Expand QuickBooks's potential by integrating with a QuickBooks mobile sales app that meets your needs.


Integrating QuickBooks with a mobile sales application like Listaso can be just what your business needs to grow and drive sales. Here are some of the most significant benefits of integrating QuickBooks with our mobile sales app solution:


Give Your Field Reps Access to QuickBooks Data to Sell Effectively


Sales reps are an essential part of every distribution operation, and they need to have mobile sales, so they have control of all the valuable information needed to perform their job efficiently. Being on the road makes this task difficult, especially if they don’t use a QuickBooks mobile sales platform to check and register relevant information. 


Listaso Mobile Sales platform takes all the essential information from QuickBooks, like price levels, and makes it available to your sales team.


Your sales reps will carry on the road all the information they need from QuickBooks and create orders and invoices that our app will sync to that system. That way, you can avoid double data entry and provide your field team with all your customer information.


Keep Your Information Synced 


When in the field, it’s crucial that your sales reps are aware of restocked items and inventory levels. With Listaso, a QuickBooks Mobile Sales App, your sales reps will have access to live inventory and will know in minutes any product changes made on QuickBooks.


There is no need for someone doing back-office to stop their work to notify each rep on the field. All product information on QuickBooks, such as inventory stock, specials and pricing, will be automatically updated in each rep’s mobile device.


At the same time, anything your reps do will automatically update to QuickBooks. You will see their orders and transactions reflected in QuickBooks, as they focus on their job. 


Better Planning and Control of Your Distribution Business


QuickBooks is excellent accounting software, but there are some reports and tools that even it does not have. Integrating QuickBooks into a sales app like Listaso Mobile Sales will give you more tools to track and create strategies more efficiently for your business.

Listaso provides a complete reports module that will change the way you forecast and track sales. Our QuickBooks mobile sales app will help you as a distributor or wholesaler to see how your business is doing and plan how to best approach changes and overall operations.


In Conclusion


Integrating QuickBooks with a sales app like Listaso can help you get the most out of your QuickBooks account and minimize work for your office and sales team.


Having a QuickBooks mobile sales app will drive sales and profits by letting everyone in your company's supply chain focus on tasks that need more attention and eliminate inefficiencies. Best of all, you will be able to provide a better selling experience to all your clients and sales team.


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