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Why An Order Entry System Is A Must-Have For 2021 B2B Sales Reps

Field sales are competitive, and by keeping your process outdated, you are only making it harder for your sales team to reach their sales goals and provide your clients with a pleasant and personalized experience. 

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

Keep your team updated with the distribution technology trends


When was the last time you checked your B2B sales process and your sales reps’ experience in the field? If it was a long time ago, you might be working in an old fashioned way that not only slows your sales reps but also makes you fall behind from a lot of other competitors. 


Field sales are competitive, and by keeping your process outdated, you are only making it harder for your sales team to reach their sales goals and provide your clients with a pleasant and personalized experience. 


For example, do you know how much time your sales reps spend writing and submitting orders manually? The answer might surprise you. Without an order entry system, manual order writing can be a laborious and frustrating task.


Manual order writing, and consequently ERP reentry, will slow and hold back at any sales rep. You are losing the opportunity to add value to your customers and business indeed.


You can easily solve this problem with today’s technology with an order entry system.

What Is An Order Entry System?


An order entry system is a digital sales platform that enables you to sync with your ERP, letting your B2B sales reps submit clients’ orders during in-person sales visits.


The best order entry system has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for any sales rep to learn how to use it in a matter of minutes. If you want to make the most out of it, look for mobile order entry systems, such as Listaso sales app, that work perfectly on many devices like smartphones and tablets. 


Listaso’s mobile sales app contains an image-rich digital catalog and relevant customer and product information, such as past order history and customer-specific pricing, as well as customer notes that sales reps can add to provide excellent customer service.


Why Is It A Must?


There are tons of reasons why today’s B2B sales reps need to be armed with an order entry system to stay competitive, but here are three main reasons to get you thinking:


Makes your sales rep more efficient


By implementing an order entry system, a B2B company can cut the time it takes for their sales reps to write and submit orders in half. An order entry system lets your sales reps have more time to talk with their clients since they can immediately place orders without the need for troublesome paperwork, generating higher sales and increasing cross-selling opportunities. 


Not only will your sales reps have more time to sell to customers, but the type of information exchange between them and their clients will be more relevant. Listaso’s mobile sales app gives your sales reps product and customer-specific information that will be enhanced with an order entry system at their fingertips.


Improve the selling experience

Business to Consumers (B2C) relies heavily on visual aids to attract customer’s attention. But this also applies to B2B companies. Clients want to see your products first-hand and don’t have time to flip through numerous pages on printed catalogs. 


An image-rich digital catalog that you can constantly update in real-time can help your sales reps move new products and showcase them in their best light.


Listaso will let your sales reps give a better customer experience and have a better experience themselves.


Increase revenue and lower costs


Your final results will definitely face a change thanks to the improvement that an order entry system can bring to your sales reps and clients' relationship.


More effective sales meetings mean that sales reps can see more clients in a workday, which will lead them to register a higher number of orders. The time sales reps earn back from an order entry system can be better used to take actions that add more value to the client experience, sell higher-margin products, and raise their average order value.


Lastly, the efficiency gained from an order entry system like Listaso, which integrates directly to your ERP, will help reduce costs for your sales reps and your back office staff.


In Conclusion


A sales rep will always need to be equipped with the best and up-to-date technology to enhance his efforts and take a step ahead of competitors. 


Don't put your sales team's efforts to waste by using old-fashioned methods that make their work twice as complicated and stop your business's growth.


Choose a truly modern mobile app like Listaso, a completely user-friendly and intuitive solution that works on familiar mobile devices. This will ensure that your sales reps have the technology they need and know how to take full advantage of it.


Take the next step! Provide your sales team with the best mobile sales app with a free product tour with us.

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