June 22, 2022

4 Key Benefits Of Mobile Inventory Control

Mobile inventory control is exactly what big or small distributors or wholesalers need to succeed in this challenging economic environment. Effective inventory control benefits every aspect of your business, from warehousing costs to accurate and timely order fulfillment. 


Imagine enjoying mobile access to crucial inventory data, sped up inventory operations, increasingly efficient warehouse workers and no more double data entry. These are a few of the benefits of having mobility when you need it in your warehouse. We’ll talk more about the benefits Listaso’s Inventory App can bring to your distribution business.


Benefits of a Good Inventory Control


Mobile Access to Inventory Data


With a mobile setup, you get to see your inventory data from any location you can access the Internet. Whether you’re in the office, warehouse, store or at home, you can have real-time stock levels, so you know exactly when to place new orders to prevent stockout. 


In addition, Mobile Inventory Data allows you to generate accurate reports when required, helping to meet daily demands, improve forecasting, inform decision-making and identify business growth opportunities.


Faster Inventory Tasks


Mobile inventory control makes all sorts of inventory tasks faster. For example, do you know how long it takes to pick all of the items to fulfill a sales order? A long time! With Mobile Inventory, you can have all your orders ready to be picked automatically, directly from your sales team on the road to your warehouse reps. Item locations, current stock, quantity needed, UPC, Bluetooth Scanner and even pictures can speed up the picking process and assure on-time delivery. 


So can physical counts, which can be done with a barcode scanner to instantly update your inventory records. Do a general count of your full warehouse in half the time and update your inventory in seconds with one sync process. Do an inventory on all your warehouses or trucks, set item locations and even add notes for any inventory differences.


More-Efficient Warehouse Workers


Not only does the work get simpler with mobile inventory control, but your warehouse workers become empowered to boost their efficiency. With the scan of a barcode, they can receive incoming shipments, reconcile orders when items are missing or arrive damaged and retrieve part information to find out exactly where to put everything away by aisle, shelf and bin number.


Increased efficiency isn’t limited to the receiving process. Workers can also move inventory from one warehouse to another, from any warehouse to your trucks or even from truck to truck without having to print or write.


No More Double Data Entry


Double data entry occurs when you keep key information in one solution and then do it again in another. This is common when small businesses use Excel spreadsheets or another manual method to manage their inventory. 


If, for example, your accounting software doesn’t integrate with your inventory management platform, you’ll have to enter the same data twice to keep them in sync. It’s easy to make a mistake when doing that. Even the smallest typo could lead to damaging results.


Prevent errors and maintain accurate inventory data by eliminating manual data entry as much as possible. Mobile inventory control is a great way to accomplish that. Integrations with ERPs such as Quickbooks enable you to automatically update all of your solutions with the same information, instead of having to do it one by one.


Get The Best Mobile Inventory Control Software


Mobile inventory management has the flexibility to grow with your business. It takes the guesswork out of inventory control by tracking stock levels in real-time. It opens up new opportunities for your business to be more efficient and productive.


Listaso Inventory Solution will help you achieve accurate inventory control. Leave spreadsheets, hand-counts and outdated stock data in the past. Listaso offers you simplification and innovation to bring efficiency and growth to your business.


Our Inventory Management Features Will Help You: 


  • Efficiently receive shipments from your vendors 
  • Easily generate and print barcodes 
  • Quickly and accurately pick, pack and ship products
  • Move and manage inventory, even in multiple warehouses
  • Faster physical counts
  • Avoid inventory loss and mistakes
  • Increase sales by preventing shortages
  • Prevent profit loss due to obsolete stock


ERP Integration


Listaso Inventory integrates seamlessly with any ERP. Whether it is QuickBooks or Sage, you will save time and money by avoiding double data entry and inventory inaccuracies.


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