How can you make an inventory adjustment? (Professional User)

Physical Inventory

1. Click on All Services.

2. Go to Adjustment.

3. Click on +Adjustment.

4. Select the type of adjustment that you want to make.

5. Select the warehouse or warehouses where the adjustment will be applied, select the employee that performed the adjustment, and you can add a note and reference number if necessary.

6. Click on “Save.”

7. The product detail tab will be displayed. Click “+Add.”

8. Select the location where you are going to adjust.

9. Here you can select the products and add the quantity of the adjustment. You can also change the location of those products. When you are done, click on the reset new quantity button and tap “save.”

10. Click on save.

11. Click on the exit button to quit the product's pop-up window.

12. Double-check that the product's new quantity have been added. Then return to the adjustment tab.

13. Click save.

14. Now, if you refresh the webpage, you will be able to see the new adjustment.