June 22, 2022
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5 Distribution Pain Points That A Mobile Solution Can Solve

As distribution or manufacturer businesses grow and become more successful, they can face new pain points along the way. The processes that worked well when your business was new become frustrating by the time your business is more established. As your business continues to grow, those same processes become nearly useless.


If your business has reached this point, a mobile solution made for distributors can help put an end to the frustrating processes that take time and money. A mobile solution is a management system that can make running a small business more efficient. It can resolve many of the pain points you’re dealing with.


Here are five wholesale distribution pain points Mobile Solution can solve.


Distribution Pain Points


1. Warehouse Management Issues


From small to big business owners, warehouse management is a big problem. There’s just so much to keep track of. Orders can fall through the cracks, and you may not realize it until customers call to complain. You may order more of a certain inventory item, only to discover you already had a lot of it in another location.


A Mobile Solution like Listaso can help you manage these warehouse management problems. With Listaso’s solution, you can see all your orders as fast as your sales team is syncing them, from any mobile device, making sure all your customers’ orders are delivered on time and accurately. You can also monitor your inventory across multiple locations so you don’t make unnecessary orders.


2. Breakdowns in Communication


When you have multiple teams working in different areas, it’s easy for communication to break down. By the time a message reaches you, it could be inaccurate. Worse, you might not receive the messages you’re being sent.


A Mobile Solution makes it easier for you, your employees, and your suppliers to stay on the same page. For example, sales reps in the field, instead of having to call back to the office to get pricing information, can just look up the different product pricing right on the app.


3. Losing Money Due to Pricing Errors


If you manage your orders in a spreadsheet, you’ve probably lost money due to a pricing error. Nearly 90 percent of spreadsheets have errors. For example, you could accidentally type the wrong price or product quantity in your spreadsheet. Customers could purchase your products at a too-low price and eat into your profit. In businesses with low-profit margins, like warehouses, these types of errors can cause big problems.


A Mobile Solution will help you maintain accurate pricing in every order placed. You can manage customer-specific or segment-specific pricing or set up promotions and specials in the software application.


4. Workflow Issues


Workflow issues are a big problem for any distributor or wholesaler. For your business to succeed, workflows have to be fast and accurate. You can’t afford to have orders piling up. If orders aren’t sent out on time, customers could cancel, which costs you money.


Listaso’s Solutions lets you smoothly manage your workflows. All your operations from sales to inventory will be in sync, allowing your teams to work with accurate information and in much less time.


5. Not Being Able to Work from Anywhere


Have you ever had to head back to work in the evening to check something? That’s annoying, especially if it happens often. Nearly one-third of small-business owners are already working more than 50 hours a week. If you’re one of them, the last thing you need is to have to head back to the office to check something on the computers.


With a cloud-based B2B Solution, you can check in from anywhere at any time. All you need to do is log in to the system with your web browser of choice. You can even use your mobile device to log in. That means you can see how your warehouse and sales operations are doing when you’re at home or on vacation. This makes managing your business much more convenient.


In Conclusion


As a distributor, wholesaler, or manufacturer with a growing business, you face new challenges every day, and in order to keep your business running smoothly, you need the right tools that fit your way of working and that perfectly scale with you. 


Listaso’s Mobile Solutions are specially made for distributors to help them manage all their operations, from sales to inventory. Our family of systems keep your teams completely in sync with each other for an efficient and fast workflow. Schedule a demo and see for yourself!

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