June 22, 2022
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Benefits Of Having A B2B Platform For Your Wholesale Or Distribution Business In 2021

A Purpose-built B2B platform for Your Business Needs


Any supplier in the wholesale distribution industry knows that the B2B sales process is unique. Selling thousands of product variants through a mixture of in-person, online, and various manual methods, while tailoring specific products, pricing, and promotions for each of your clients, can be a lot to manage.


Attempting to keep up with all of these variables without a proper B2B platform is unsustainable for any growing wholesale or distribution company. Fortunately, today’s technology offers distributors and wholesalers different B2B solutions that make the wholesale or distribution process easier than ever for suppliers and buyers alike.


You will find plenty of different business solutions, but you need to make sure the solution you choose is a complete B2B platform that perfectly adapts to your needs. Anything less will ultimately fall short of your expectations and the expectations of your buyers. The most significant benefits you can expect from using a B2B platform are:


It’s Ready to Handle Your B2B Workflows 


In your search for the right B2B platform, you will likely come across a handful of SaaS B2B platform providers that are also specialists in B2C processes. The truth behind most of these platforms is that their B2B offerings were initially built for B2C companies and include slight modifications and extensions to make wholesale ordering work.‍


But you don't want a platform that simply works. You need a purpose-built B2B platform that adapts to the unique needs of your business and that works at your pace. You need a platform that provides advanced wholesale pricing, custom HD catalogs, and that reviews, modifies, and confirms orders, in the very least. Listaso solutions are specially made for B2B companies and fully understand your business’ workflows and adapt to them, so you can handle all of your price levels, product catalog, orders, and inventory.


It’s Available to Use Anywhere, as a Mobile App


Distributors and wholesalers don’t need a platform that limits them and their sales reps. Sales reps or any other employee in the distribution industry are constantly moving and need a mobile app to be sure that they can carry out each of their tasks, no matter where they are, in the most efficient way.


When reps are onsite with customers, they should be able to draft orders, browse products, and check inventory with ease, all on a mobile device. Our B2B Sales App is perfect for reps to take on the road, since it can be installed on any mobile device, iOS or Android, and provides them with the information they need to excel in any sales tasks. 


It Enhances the Work of Your Sales Reps


By implementing a B2B platform to your distribution company, you can help your sales reps optimize the interactions between them and their clients. A fully functional B2B platform will allow reps to create orders and invoices in a way that saves them time.‍


Listaso Online Sales enables reps to provide better service to each of their clients by managing the operative tasks and letting them focus on more valuable activities, such as upselling, cross-selling, and opening new accounts. 


In Conclusion 


Don’t settle for less than a complete and effective B2B platform. A solution that only gets you one-third or two-thirds of the way there is not a solution at all. Make sure that the platform that you opt for perfectly adapts to your workflows and keeps your sales reps as happy and efficient as they can be.


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