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Accurate, Real-Time Reporting Is Crucial

In this blog we will talk a little more in depth about the benefits of having a Business Analytics Module, highlighting its advantages and mainly why having your information in real time is crucial for the company.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 15, 2022
B2B Specialist

The business world is currently bombarded by  large amounts of information, so it is necessary to manage it quickly to facilitate decision-making. Listaso we have developed a new module that eliminates the need to process your information through excel or other programs, and it is here where our new Business Analytics Module & Management Reports will help you to transform your information into useful knowledge to enhance your decision-making.

Management reports are documents designed to gather information that is very useful to evaluate the performance of the company, as well as to understand the current reality in which the company finds itself financially.

In this blog we will talk a little more in depth about the benefits of having a Business Analytics Module, highlighting its advantages and mainly why having your information in real time is crucial for the company.

What are the advantages of Management Reports and Business Analytics?

Data crunching

Data crunching is needed to convert raw data into a form suitable for analysis. It commonly involves clearing out proprietary formatting and unwanted data, converting number and date formats and reformatting and structuring the information. Data crunching enables a company to derive value from its data through analysis. It helps the company make more informed decisions, identify new opportunities, and run more efficiently. When companies can analyze data that’s combined from multiple internal and external sources, they may gain insights that wouldn’t be revealed by analyzing a single data source.

Process control

In addition to identifying risks and failures, our management reports also help highlight the greater possibility of avoiding recurring problems that may occur during the sales process, allowing the manager to act more proactively.

Greater transparency

Using Management Reports helps your company develop a more transparent internal culture focused on business strategy.

By building that culture within the workplace, benefits related to the company's image in the marketplace also begin to emerge. Worrying about continuous improvements and business transparency make the difference and also attract the attention of more customers. Actions like these should also be highlighted at the time of negotiation to build more credibility.

What are the benefits of having a Business Analytics Module in your distribution process?

Monitor your business in real time:

Generate reports in real time and use the most relevant data, so your company can act quicker. Listaso’s Business Analytics Module reports include easy-to-read visualizations such as graphs, tables, and charts. And the business owner will have all the information in their hands, easy to understand and in real time.

Increased operational efficiency:

Management Reports unify multiple data sources, helping the overall organization of a business so managers and employees spend less time tracking information and can focus on producing accurate reports.

Make more informed decisions:

Optimizing time for decision-making within the company is a key point,

The more accurate the information contained in the reports, the better their quality will be, and the administrators will be able to use them with more confidence and propose new objectives for the short and long term.

Increasing revenue:

Profits are an important goal for any business. Data from our Business Analytics Module can help your company ask better questions about why things happened by making comparisons across different dimensions and identifying sales weaknesses. When companies listen to their customers, observe their competitors and improve their operations, their revenue increases.

With our new Business Analytics Module, you will be able to have control over the performance and efficiency of your sales reps, therefore, having all this information in the company's database, centralizes and guarantees the interpretation of the information as a whole to evaluate where they are, the weaknesses of the company and thus seek solutions in the sales processes to reduce errors.

Listaso’s Business Analytics Module gives you the opportunity to identify immediate actions, to achieve company development and achieve a better position within the industry.

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