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Do You Want To Know The Secret To Make Your Distribution Business Grow?

Have all your departments working towards the same goal!

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

Have all your departments working towards the same goal!


Let’s assume you run a wholesaler, manufacturer, or distribution business. If you do, you are probably looking for new solutions that help you to stay competitive, up to date, and be more efficient, saving you money and time. 


Attributes such as good inventory handling, well-trained staff, and excellent relationships with clients will help you make your business successful. Still, if you genuinely want to leave your competitor behind, the best solution is to have a great sales management platform. 


Nowadays, technology provides many ways to automate your sales and inventory process. Managing them through paper is a waste of time. It gives your competitors an advantage, not to mention that human mistakes and loss or damaged paperwork costs you money. That's why Listaso, a B2B mobile sales app, helps you to: 


  • Automate and have more control of your sales and inventory process
  • Optimize your time
  • Share information in real-time 


Another thing to consider if you want to run a successful distribution business is that all your departments must work together to achieve better results.


So, it doesn't matter if you're a CEO, Sales Manager, or Sales representative; Listaso provides all the right tools to make sure you work quickly and efficiently. Here are some of the benefits each position can get from our app to improve their work:


Distributor or Wholesaler, CEO


A CEO will be looking for ways to maximize profits, save time, improve the process and reduce costs. And the best way of doing this is to have all up-to-date information to create the right strategies and have full control of what your employees are doing to help them improve. CEOs can do all this quickly with Listaso since we provide:




CEOs are generally responsible for determining the company's strategic direction and ensuring that their strategy is implemented through practical steps. 


This task becomes difficult when you don't have the information you need and often forces you to make blind decisions that can cost you tons of money.  


With Listaso, you can stop worrying about these issues since we generate sales and customer reports. You have all the relevant and up-to-date data to make smarter decisions and implement strategies to increase profits.


Sales And Inventory Management


Accounting duties, responsibility for profit and loss statements are among the CEO's finance responsibilities. And if you work in the distribution field, a significant part of your profits and costs come from your warehouse and sales. 


That's why it is so crucial for you to keep the right track of how these are managed; that way, you will be able to control the company's finances better. 


Listaso helps you create inventory reports, like picking efficiency, stock levels, back-order, and any other report you might need to ensure the business's function. Besides, it allows you to integrate your services from any ERP, like Quickbooks, and provide features you usually would not have.


Tools To Keep Track Of Your Sales And Warehouses Team Performance


CEOs also provide general guidance and supervision to their team members. You want to make sure that everybody is doing their work in the most efficient way possible to maximize your earnings. 


Our app allows you to check their performance with just one click. You are capable of seeing what each of your sales representatives is doing and how they are doing it. Remove or add employees from sales, warehouse, or operations and control their access to our mobile sales tool's features.


Distribution Sales Manager 


If you are a sales manager, you need to have full control of the operations carried out, continuously look for ways to improve distribution management and enhance your sales representatives' productivity. 


It is a lot of work if you think of doing it without help, but you can do it effortlessly with Listaso's Sales App. Here are some of the options we provide:


Complete Control Of Your Pre Sales Team or (DSD) Direct Store Delivery Team


Achieve growth, manage the sales team, coach, and monitor your sales representatives' performance are things you need to do to help the company increase its profits.


To make all this less complicated for you, our B2B Pre-Sales App keep track of your Sales Rep's customer visits through GPS captures and customer photo logs. That way, you make sure they visit every client, plan their routes, set their sales goals, and manage their activities.


Custom Sales Reports 

A sales manager designs and implements strategic sales plans that expand its customer base and ensure its strong presence. To do so, they require up-to-date information that helps them identify areas for improvement.


In our app, you can have access to various custom reports like sales, GPS, customer logs, etc. Therefore, you can analyze how your team is working, what things they can do better, and monitor your sales representative's performance, achieving a complete sales reps management.


Sales Representative


Sales representatives serve as the point of contact between a business and its prospects or clients. To do their job in the best way possible, they look for ways to save time and reach more clients, reduce their mistakes in orders or pricing and manage all of your client's information. 


As the number of clients grows, this task becomes more complicated without the help of a mobile platform. That's why Listaso provides the best app for a sales rep that supports them in their whole process by making sure they have on hand:


Relevant Client Information


Building and promoting healthy, long-lasting client relationships by partnering with them and understanding their needs is essential for sales reps' functions.  


They would typically need to carry a lot of bulky equipment on every visit. But with our mobile sale app, they will only need their phone to instantly access the product catalog, the client purchase history, and price levels. Allowing them to notice what products that clients usually buy recommend other related products, and reduce mistakes to provide excellent customer service. 


Tools To Optimize Their Pre-sales Or Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Process


As sales representatives, it is vital to establish and maintain relationships with clients. Still, they also have to look for ways to make their visits to each customer quick and efficient.


Listaso sales reps software is the best way to achieve this since you can create estimates, sales orders, or invoices automatically from our app, and thanks to our QuickBooks integration, you can quickly send them back to QuickBooks for processing. 


Furthermore, they can quickly scan any product with our app and even instantly print invoices since we are compatible with many Bluetooth Printers. 




Managing a wholesaler or distribution business is not easy. Ensuring every position in your company works at its full potential and towards the same goal is even more challenging.


At Listaso, we want to help you make this task less complicated by providing mobile solutions. Everybody in the office will have everything they need to enhance their efforts and reach better results.

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