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Top 30 Distribution Metric For 2022 Reporting

Being objective and including the most relevant information of the company, is also something that must be prioritized to make the document shorter, going directly to the point avoiding dispersion that flees from the main objective.

Carmen Canas vicepresident and cofunder of Listaso
June 22, 2022
B2B Specialist

Business Analytics gathers information to make evaluations of the company's performance, sales, the efficiency of sales reps, as well as to understand the current reality in which the company finds itself. Have this distribution metrics will help you to make better decision for your distribution process.

Being objective and including the most relevant information of the company, is also something that must be prioritized to make the document shorter, going directly to the point avoiding dispersion that flees from the main objective.

Basic day-to-day operations are the backbone of the distribution industry. If your fundamentals are suffering, your company will have a hard time retaining its market share in a highly competitive industry. This section will cover 30 operational distribution performance metrics that will help your business maintain its competitive advantage:


Historical sales

This report is designed for the sales managers to help them prioritize the business activities of the company. Its objective is to evaluate the performance of the sales department during the year, as well as the sales strategies and the work of the sales reps, to identify failures and opportunities for improvement in the processes and define if the strategies implemented so far have been adequate or improvements are needed to achieve future goals in the market.

Sales Trends

A sales supervisor requires knowing how many sales their team is sending out daily. This way you can monitor its performance and identify any root inefficiencies. You can also take steps to keep your salespeople at a good level of productivity. Your daily report is not about the metrics, it depends on the results. This is the number of activities carried out with your prospects in the last 24 hours. This ensures that your team is performing the daily activities necessary to be successful.

Sales by Customers

If you want to know who your best customers have been historically, you can do the sales by customer report which is aimed at all sales directors which will provide a list of all your customers in order. In addition, the graph view provides a visual representation of sales per customer within a specified period (the default time frame can be a specific year or moth)

Customer Pareto Report

Pareto's analysis (80/20) allows you to know where 80% of your income is concentrated. This is a report that is directed to the Manager in charge of supplying the supply chain, as it helps him to prioritize the efforts and resources of the company to obtain more income.

Top Products & Customers

Through the Top 10 of products and clients, we can find out which are the products and clients that bring us the highest turnover and their representation in the total sales. This report is aimed at sales directors who will help them know which is the leading product and the ones that drive sales within the company. Since we can sell many products, it does not compensate for the metric, but with a single product (leading product) it generates a large margin within the sale and is quite significant.

Vendor Performance Reports

Product Category

With this report, the sales director will be able to know the percentage that any given product category has, and in this way have a better knowledge of which product is generating more sales.

Product Pareto Report

The Pareto Law or 80/20 rule establishes that 80% of the consequences are motivated by 20% of the causes. That is why the report is directed to the Manager in charge of supplying the supply chain, since it helps him prioritize the efforts and resources of the company to obtain more income. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to maximize the care of the inventory levels of the products that represent the best results for the company. In this way, having information available facilitates decision-making on how to maximize the allocation of human and economic capital.

Sales Trend by Seller

This report is aimed at the manager to obtain a detailed view of how each salesperson has contributed, allowing easy analysis of the sales transactions carried out by each member of the team during a specified period.

Tracking Phasing

Sales monitoring must be different depending on the type of client, therefore classifying clients by their potential is an effective way that can channel the efforts and resources that we have in the commercial area and will be able to obtain control of sales more efficiently and adaptable to the particular circumstances of different types of clients.

Top Sales Reps

This report is aimed at the sales supervisor who can keep track of the variations of each of their sales representatives to be able to carry out recognitions, incentives or to identify the sales reps that are not achieving their goals.

Sales Per Area

The sale by Sales Zone (State and City) allows Management to recognize which geographic area is representing the highest turnover to the business, and in turn, allows him to know the percentage of participation of each sales zone.

Sales Coverage by Seller

With this type of report, you can see the coverage of each seller. Not only that, but you can also see the total of each one of them, their progression if they have reached the objectives set, as well as seeing in a very visual way the trajectory of each one in front of the rest.

Number of Visits

By knowing the number of visits per rep, the manager can track the average number of visits that each of his sales reps is making on a daily and monthly basis, and will allow him to carry out route reviews, evaluate trips, among others; and thus be able to apply possible adjustments to them.


Comparison of Maturity of Accounts receivable

The management of the client's report allows the manager to know the balances of his loan portfolio in accordance with the established payment maturities. That is why it is important to place policies, measures, or payment percentages for clients.

Annual Comparison by Accounts receivable Maturity

Through this report, the director will visualize the contribution of the profits generated by the groups of clients already established in our segmentation, as well as the variation of the accumulated profits from one year to the next.

Maturity of Accounts receivable by Segmentation

This report is designed for management to go through customer segmentation. With this report, sales managers will be able to evaluate the terms of the term policy for their clients differently based on their sales volumes or other characteristics.

Expiration by Customer

This report can help you distinguish the balances due from those not due for each of the clients, and we can know the age of the former and thus have a clear idea of ​​the weight of the latter within the total risk with each client.


Annual Earnings

This report is intended for the business owner, in order to measure the overall sales performance of the company. Evaluate profitability and annual earnings changes for a year, or warn of a decline in potential problems.

Margins Trend

This report shows us what has been the performance of the profit margin of the products with the highest turnover within the inventory. It gives visibility to the owner or financial manager of what is the behavior of the margins of their products to make key operational decisions such as: decrease the profit margin to sell more units during the time of the greatest demand for a particular product.

Product Profitability

The product profitability report is aimed at the owner and sales directors of the company, it shows you, how many units were sold, the average cost and what was the profit generated both in value and percentage.

Customer Profitability

This report is intended for sales managers and helps you track active customers, revenue, and cost of sales by customer segment. This report gives you a summary of the metrics and charts to provide a visual assessment of costs versus profits and losses.

Profitability by Segment

This report allows you to analyze profitability by customer segmentation according to the level of consumption of each one.

Top # Clients and Products

This report is of great importance to classify the performance of your customers and products. Since it helps to visualize which are my profitable clients within the company and also which are the top products that are in constant motion.

Margins by Categories

With the margins by Product Category report, you can analyze transactions by category you select. With this, the sales director will have access to Product, Quantity, and Value information.

Profitability by Zones

This is a report which allows you to verify the profit obtained from the effect of sales on profitability and the percentage of the profit of each of the products sold according to the zones.

Profitability per Seller

This report allows the manager to verify the profit obtained through the sales that correspond to each of his sales representatives.

Prices vs Suggested

This report is aimed at the manager, and allows him to compare what is the profit margin with the product prices suggested to the client to determine if a price adjustment is necessary in his products.

Prices vs Costs

This report is directed to the sales director and shows the profit margin of the product cost with the sale price.

These are the reports that will benefit you in making informed decisions to increase your sales and operations of your distribution business. Schedule a free demo to see how Listaso’s New Business Analytics Module can transform your business:

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