June 22, 2022

The Growth Of Hispanic Products In The Distribution Industry: How Food Distributors Can Boost Their Processes

What better way to discover and live a culture than to try its food? Hispanic countries have a vast variety of foods, flavors, and spices, making it hard to not get hooked on the fascinating flavors of South American food and the tastes that define the true essence of Latin American food. 

Due to their unique flavors, Hispanic products from around the world have made their way through the distribution industry at a pretty quick pace. 

But as they grow they are in need of more scalable technologies that respond to their particular needs. Nowadays, there are multiple solutions that can be used by Latin American Distributors to automate processes, but not all of them have the facility to scale with their business model or provide the right features to create an efficient workflow.


The Rise Of Hispanic Products In The U.S. Market

Consumers increasingly look for quality in variety and adventure, rather than in the comfort of traditional foods. There is a growing interest in the discovery of varied culinary traditions (global, regional, ethnic, etc.), particularly among the younger generations. 

Hispanic Millennials and GenZers strive not only for authenticity in Hispanic products but look to infuse their American backgrounds into the foods and beverages they love.

Furthermore, Hispanics in the U.S. are starting more businesses per capita than any other group, driving a new rise of Latino-themed products that are changing the Hispanic food category.


Latin Flavors On the Rise

In the U.S. market, Latino food from diverse Latin countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, is becoming more popular as people migrate to this country, bringing the flavors of their homelands with them.

Mexican and Salvadorian products have also gained popularity in the U.S., and not just in the Latin community. They have been on the market for quite some time and their natural flavors captivated the U.S market.


How Mobile Software Can Help Hispanic Food Distributors To Streamline Their Process

Food distribution can be complicated because there are so many moving parts and processes, especially in such a fast-growing industry as Hispanic Products. Mobile software that automates these critical processes can streamline them and ensure that orders and other information are captured along the distribution chain.

To Improve Sales 

Listaso’s Mobile Sales App allows distributors to manage their sales process more easily and efficiently. Sales reps can have on hand up-to-date information on the inventory, and they can plan their routes, process payments, create orders and invoices, and build reports, all within a single platform. These solutions are designed to manage distribution from end to end, making it easy to stay organized.

To Improve Warehouse Management

Our inventory app helps you take control of your inventory and the movement of products between multiple warehouses. You will be able to keep your inventory completely synchronized with your ERP at all times, accelerate your picking times and the delivery of products, and reduce errors. 


In Conclusion 

Hispanic foods reflect the enormous social diversity of the countries they are from and are quickly becoming more and more recognized not only in the U.S. market but in many other countries. 

As they grow, Hispanic food distributors are in need of mobile solutions that help them keep expanding their products and culture to new places. Without mobile systems, it would be even more complicated to ensure the delivery of goods in the proper condition and to meet deadlines. Mobile-distribution software can make a huge difference in streamlining processes that are normally considered complicated.

If you want the best mobile solution to boost your business and improve your distribution processes, schedule a Free Demo or call us at 305-912-7770. 

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